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Meet the Press: Behind the Scenes at MFA Prints

Posted by MFA Prints on

The long tradition of printmaking can be a specialized, bespoke process, unfamiliar even to a seasoned art lover. But as part of our new monthly blog, we invite you to take a look behind the scenes and discover what makes an archival replica print from the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston a perfect fit for anyone's personal collection.

Our video below captures the process of premium artwork reproduction and illustrates how purchasing an individually printed artwork is a special, unique process ⁠— like art and art-making itself. Still, this only partially explains the goal of MFA Prints.

We find art history and the collection of artworks in the MFA's exhibitions to be a continuously significant source of knowledge. Through this video, and further posts on our blog each month, we hope to combine the process of ordering specially-produced archival replicas with the wealth of knowledge behind those artworks and the art history stories they represent. MFA Prints aims, most of all, to be more than just a print store — since cherished and timeless artworks are more than just prints.

Check out our new video below to learn more about the prints and service we offer.


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